IT is changing: So too should companies’ software asset management

The information technology industry is always evolving, meaning that businesses and their practices must advance as well. This type of fluidity is not lost on current CIOs, who are preparing to change their roles in the near future, according to a recent Gartner report. The research firm found that 70 percent of these decision-makers expect to update their companies’ IT and sourcing relationships within the next two to three years.

Eric Rocco, managing vice president at Gartner, explained that the digital landscape is “unstoppable,” influencing the very foundations of companies themselves.

“The digital business revolution is underpinned and enabled by the macro technology forces of cloud, social, analytics, mobility and the Internet of Things. Not every business fundamental will need to change to the same degree, nor will every technology driver have a role to play in every business scenario; however, businesses that decide to ‘wait and see’ are likely to become irrelevant,” Rocco added.

The issue with advancements related to IT is that organizations often adopt new solutions, leading to more licensing fees that must be negotiated with vendors. Companies without a hold on these fees may burn through their tech budgets faster than they realize, which may mean that firms lack the resources for future expansion and potential mergers and acquisitions.

Decision-makers who do not account for the added licensing fees as they embrace more digital tools will put their companies at a severe competitive disadvantage.

The value of a leading vendor
So what can businesses do to change with the advancing IT industry, procure the right tech solutions and avoid any licensing fees that may occur? The answer lies with the right service provider. Rocco explained that companies are looking at vendors to help them manage this evolving market.

“Market share will shift to service providers able to help clients respond to the business and IT opportunities and challenges that are overwhelming more than half of organizations today. Service providers need to convert this picture into an opportunity rather than a threat,” Rocco suggested.

FlexITy, a leading software asset management provider, helps clients avoid the challenges associated with implementing new tools and minimizing the headache with added licensing fees for their IT solutions. The vendor accomplishes this by analyzing companies’ existing contracts, their technologies in use and their worker requirements to determine the best financial fit for their operations. Organizations that partner with FlexITy will be in a position to thrive during the ever-changing IT landscape, being proactive rather than reactive by being able to invest in revenue-generating initiatives.

This last point is a clear competitive advantage, one that allows companies to expand consistently. If your business is not prepared to evolve on its own, you should contact FlexITy today to not get overwhelmed when purchasing new software that may result in out-of-proportion costs in the long run.

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The IT industry is changing at a rapid rate.

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