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Unified Communication tools benefit the healthcare industry

  Unified Communication tools benefit the healthcare industry Unified communication and collaboration tools aren’t just for the traditional office environment – they can be beneficial for many different industries. For instance, a 2011 IDC Health Insights report found that unified communication tools have the potential to improve patient safety and patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing […]

Hosted Collaboration solutions simplify administrative changes

If your business hasn’t made the move to a hosted collaboration solution, you may be experiencing more IT headaches than you need to. With a traditional IT system, it can be very difficult to change settings, update end user device software or even add new users. However, all this can be a breeze if you […]

Hosted Collaboration Solutions help keep nurses on track

Hospital workers encounter a countless number of problems on a daily basis, and many of these are compounded by the fact that there is a shortage of registered nurses. What’s more, The Canadian Nurses Association estimates that 60,000 nurses will be needed by 2022 to fill the shortage. In our next few videos, we’ll explore […]

Software licensing fees can be overwhelming for some businesses.

Businesses are always adopting new software or customizing previous iterations to support their latest operations. Companies along the way, however, are often blindsided by unexpected licensing fees that drain their budgets during such transitions, and these added expenditures are often at the detriment to the firms’ future growth prospects, given that this money could have […]

The IT industry is changing at a rapid rate.

The information technology industry is always evolving, meaning that businesses and their practices must advance as well. This type of fluidity is not lost on current CIOs, who are preparing to change their roles in the near future, according to a recent Gartner report. The research firm found that 70 percent of these decision-makers expect […]

FlexITy helps businesses better manage their software licensing fees.

Controlling costs is a hallmark of any successful business. However, many companies struggle to do so because they have to┬ámaintain their licensing fees, whether they continue to expand operations or cut back on workloads. Organizations that cannot take advantage of the proper applications will never be able to truly grow their brands if they are […]