Licensing fee struggles are a thing of the past

Controlling costs is a hallmark of any successful business. However, many companies struggle to do so because they have to maintain their licensing fees, whether they continue to expand operations or cut back on workloads. Organizations that cannot take advantage of the proper applications will never be able to truly grow their brands if they are incurring more costs over time.

That is why FlexITy, a leading software advisory services provider, is so valuable in helping clients avoid such challenges. The vendor helps companies address a number of important needs, including renewal agreements. Firms that have existing software licensing agreements that are up for renewal will receive assistance from FlexITy, which will determine the best course of action to make sure any agreement is beneficial to the client.

One of the biggest challenges for growing companies is that they often add additional servers and solutions to their infrastructure, which in turn only adds to licensing fees that must be negotiated. FlexITy makes sure that clients do not waste their entire budgets on these updated agreements, allowing businesses to save this money for future expansion such as mergers and acquisitions.

FlexITy is also up to the task for supporting organizations that are actually downsizing and helping them renegotiate their contracts. These firms may lack the internal expertise to handle negotiations while trying to steer the corporate ship, which is why an advisory services provider such as FlexITy can be clients’ eyes and ears when working with vendors.

Your company is in good hands
Businesses should never be taken advantage of regarding their licensing fees. If companies continue to let vendors take the lead in negotiations, they will never find a suitable agreement that allows them to expand over the long run. FlexITy makes it a mission to review all clients’ existing contracts, analyze their technology and user requirements and determine their financial capabilities to make any licensing decisions that fit the companies’ demands.

With all of this important data on hand, FlexITy then finds the most suitable licensing programs for its clients. Businesses will now be in position to save on such fees, rather than pay an arm and a leg for their next contracts, redistributing this money into revenue-generating initiatives that will set their brands up for success and consistency, rather than uncertainty.

FlexITy will find the best match for your company.


FlexITy helps businesses better manage their software licensing fees.

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