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Whether due to a natural disaster or simple human error, an unplanned system outage can occur at any time. As business processes become increasingly digitized, protecting IT infrastructure is a mission critical concern. Organizations need to ensure their data, applications and services will still be available in the wake of a disaster, and they need to develop plans and processes so they are ready to respond when an outage occurs.

FlexITy, Canada’s leading IT managed services provider, has the technical and strategic expertise needed to help organizations maintain business continuity and recover data in the wake of a disaster. From providing managed and hosted solutions that guarantee infrastructure uptime to disaster planning services, FlexITy is prepared to help businesses succeed in the face of any type of interruption. Some of our business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions include:Cloud managed services: By hosting data and applications in the cloud, businesses do not have to worry about an on-premise data centre outage taking out mission critical systems or communications infrastructure. Our highly redundant data centre infrastructure is designed to maintain uptime in the face of nearly any disaster, ensuring that our clients can continue to access hosted systems and information from anywhere.

Storage management solutions: Secure data backup is one of the most important BC considerations. Organizations need to be able to quickly restore files in the event of any type of data loss occurrence. FlexITy’s solution architects can help implement a tiered storage solution that uses a mix of cloud hosting and tape archives to keep data safe and recoverable.

Disaster recovery planning: Businesses need to have a tested, carefully designed plan in place so they are ready when a disaster occurs. FlexITy’s IT consultants bring unparalleled training and experience to every project, defining requirements and building business cases, and enabling them to develop custom solutions tailored to any organization’s needs and internal structure. By implementing a disaster-ready IT architecture in advance, organizations will be prepared to keep systems running or quickly restore data and applications when an outage eventually occurs.

These are just some of the approaches FlexITy has taken to helping organizations prepare for disasters and guarantee business continuity. To learn more about our custom solutions and find out how we help businesses keep their systems running, Contact Us today.