Take the headache out of software licensing fees

Businesses are always adopting new software or customizing previous iterations to support their latest operations. Companies along the way, however, are often blindsided by unexpected licensing fees that drain their budgets during such transitions, and these added expenditures are often at the detriment to the firms’ future growth prospects, given that this money could have been used for further expansion.’s Ariel Gilbert-Knight highlighted the challenges associated with software licensing fees and how organizations can avoid complications down the line. A typical license is the agreement between a company and the provider of the solution and includes certain provisions, including how the user can install the program, whether the firm can make any modifications or access the source code.

Gilbert-Knight indicated that although the price of the software itself and the licensing fees may be in the actual license agreement, this is not always the case.

It is no wonder then that so many businesses struggle with their software licensing fees and why companies need assistance in this area. Gilbert-Knight also indicate that it is essential for organizations to focus on the duration of licenses.

“Pay attention to how long the license lasts. A perpetual license doesn’t expire. Once you purchase it, you have rights to use the software for as long as you like. A term license expires after a specified period of time (often one year) and must be periodically renewed,” Gilbert-Knight suggested.

Let FlexITy do the heavy lifting
Organizations fed up with unexpected licensing fees can find support from FlexITy, a leading software advisory services provider. The vendor┬áhandles all of its clients’ needs, including renewal agreements, making sure companies are not blindsided by additional fees when renewing software.

Businesses must always evolve over the years, which is why software licensing fees are often overlooked. Companies are simply too busy trying to find new solutions and infrastructure to address operational demands that they do not always have the time to analyze such agreements. This an area in which FlexITy, thrives, handling all of the negotiations so that firms can focus on more mission-critical endeavors like mergers and acquisitions.

FlexITy’s services do not end there, however. In some cases, organizations must downsize, which means they must negotiate new contracts that are more in line with their operations. FlexITy makes this transition for businesses smooth sailing, as it does the heavy lifting when working with software providers to make sure any agreement is beneficial to the client.

Software licensing fees are not going anywhere anytime soon. They may be a challenge, but they no longer have to be, thanks to FlexITy. If your company has experienced the pitfalls of overbearing licensing fees in the past or are looking to avoid such situations in the future, click here to learn more about how FlexITy can help your business finally get a hold of these complicated matters.

Software licensing fees can be overwhelming for some businesses.

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